Un âge de Fer et de Béton | This book is the result of an artist residency Rip Hopkins County Museum of Prehistory of Nemours. Rip has chosen to stage the staff and the public museum. Playing with the idea that the world could disappear by 2012. photographer illustrates the behaviors that we could adopt, if suddenly there were only scattered fragments of civilization and that we had to reinvent everything, like prehistoric humans.
An exhibition is held from April 2 to August 10, 2011 Prehistory of the county museum of Nemours.
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Un âge de Fer et de Béton
Something happened in Rip Hopkins landed at the Museum of Prehistory at Nemours, the least understood, least accessible, the "oldest"of France. An order came from the mists of time led him to conduct a series of primal scenes in which he has placed its 60 models. What history or prehistory what is it? That of the artistic act. In each photo that's it. And that's why they are both different and all the same.

If Rip Hopkins asked Chris to write give next to his images, it is less to comment on or interpret that to extend the artistic act which has produced every time the Museum of Prehistory.
Coproducer : Coédition avec le Conseil général de Seine-et-Marne / musée départemental de Préhistoire d'Ile-de-France.
Released : April, 02nd 2011
Collection : Hors Collection
ISBN : 978-2-35046-216-5
Format : 310 x 250
144 pages
64 color photos
30 €
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